Forest at School

Program Forest at School is a long-term international program for schools. Its aim is to educate children about forest outside - in the forest with modern interactive methods.


  • International educational program about forest, which takes place in 28 countries     

  • Implemented directly by teachers using prepared annual plans     

  • We create materials for teachers in the spirit of "learning through play " and active learning

The idea to learn about the forest in the forest on which the program stands, we share with other 700.000 students from 28 countries.

We are all part of an international organization LEAF Learning about forest.

Our experience is global and it counts!

LEAF International Video: Celebrating 15 Anniversary


About LEAF International in our NEWS.

Sumarry of the project „Childern live outdoors“ supported by  a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

through the EEA Grants

In the past two decades, contact children with nature significantly decreases. It is very likely that it has negative implications on their physical and mental health as well as on their academic performance. The aim of the project was to draw attention to it and through education among parents and teachers, and with high quality teaching material incentives for staying outdoors to highlight this fact and reverse this trend.

In this project we were in communication with parents, teachers and professionals. Using Website JDETEVEN.CZ we motivated parents to children spending time outdoors. As part of the program activities JDETEVEN we have built a large community of families that are interested in the topic supporting children be outside. Parents are actively using games, activities and ideas from the web portal. The website achieved the greatest success together with the release of online worksheets Diary Into the Wilderness. Thanks to the free worksheets for each month of the year, the number of costumers of newsletter JDETEVEN at the end of the project reached the 2600th.

Under the program Forest at School, we issued two Annual action plans for elementary schools that motivate teachers to teach children outside. Both plans were met with enthusiasm of teachers. Feedback from their testing in schools showed that the plans meet the teachers, because they provide great ideas for activities outdoors and at the same time can easily adjust their own teaching. Plans are created in accordance with the compulsory education curriculum and the teachers really appreciate it. From processed evaluation report, we know that both methodologies has a positive impact at children. Besides the consultations we held a series of workshops to help teachers in the orientation program.

The regular networking with key players in this topic were held through all the time of the project. We organized a conference for professionals with presenting the ideas about the improvement of this topic. On the basis of studying 130 pieces of scientific literature, we wrote a book Children outside: Endangered species? It is the first comprehensive publication in Czech. It release was met with positive reception among professional and ordinary public. Readers appreciate the fact that despite the scientific focus is both readable. Report on this book on social networks so far been seen by 9,000 users and shared nearly 100 people. From the website it previously downloaded 1,000 web users. 


Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants.

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